Coach Spotlight: Bailey Murphy, Point Fighting Phenom

Updated: Apr 26

Bailey Murphy, 19 years old, started his martial arts journey at the age of five in Hamden, Connecticut. Bailey has a long track record of success including being a WAKO Point Fighting World Champion, NASKA World Champion, Irish Open Winner, and winning 169 & Under Pro Point 1. In this article, Bailey speaks about his point fighting career and reveals how he approaches competition.

In your first two full seasons as an adult, you have already claimed eight NASKA overall grand championship titles. How did you have such a successful transition to the adult division?

I am a winner. What lead to me having a successful transition is paying attention. I went up to adult at 16 and I was successful because when I was 15 I made it my priority to watch the adults who would be in my weight class the next year, and study and break down film on my own time because it was that important to me.

Did you have any influential coaches or people that inspired you? How was that experience?

I’ve had a lot of people who have looked out for me and have had an influence on me in this sport. John Bashta Jr., Joe Greenhalgh, Troy Binns to name a few.

What is your mindset before you go into the ring?

Before I go into the ring I know I’m going to win, and if my opponent doesn’t have the same mindset there's no reason for him to be standing across from me.

On top of point fighting, you are also a D-II All-American track star. How has your experience been balancing sport martial arts and track and field?

I never had trouble balancing track and point fighting because for me they work hand in hand.

When I’m in peak track shape I’m doing my best point fighting.

Why did you decide to become a private coach, and what do you enjoy most about coaching?

I decided to do privates because I was a very successful junior fighter, and I love helping other people hone their craft even if I’m not much older than them. What I enjoy most about coaching is watching a student's face when they grasp a concept.

What can a client expect from private lessons with you?

A client can expect a great workout, where we will master blitzes, footwork, and my favorite, breaking down film.

What's one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to become an elite-level point fighter?

Never read into your own hype and you’re not good enough to be tired yet.

Takeaways For Point Fighters

1. Study your competition.

The year before Bailey moved up to the adult division he would always watch the adult fighters after he competed to study them. This preparation helped Bailey immediately be successful when he moved up.

2. Believe that you will win.

Bailey attitude when going in to the ring is that he knows he will win. This unshakable confidence has helped Bailey bring his A game against any opponent.

3. Never read into your own hype.

Bailey has recognized that reading into your own hype is a quick way to lose your position. Always stay hungry and keep striving for greatness.

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